Campus Travel is the Licensed Authority of ISIC in Lebanon

Financial Co-branding

The ISIC Association and Mastercard Worldwide have teamed up to create the ISIC Mastercard, helping students around the world to make the most out of student life.

The ISIC Mastercard Program combines the identity and benefits of the ISIC card with Mastercard and partner banks' credit, debit or prepaid payment services.

An ISIC Mastercard: the best of both worlds

An ISIC Mastercard is the best student-focused payment and benefit card available anywhere in the world. The ISIC Mastercard offers students exclusive benefits and services for every stage and aspect of student life.

An ISIC Mastercard provides students with easy and secure ways to manage their money, track spending and purchase goods and take part in new experiences at the best available price.

As a student, an ISIC Mastercard offers you:

1. An internationally recognized way to prove your official student status.
2. Access to over 42,000 targeted benefits and discounts in 132 countries.
3. An easy and secure way to manage your money in a sustainable way, monitor spending, and take control of your finances.

The ISIC Mastercard Program is already available to students in close to 25 countries. The first financial co-branding between ISIC & Mastercard has been launched by Le Credit Lyonnais (LCL) as part of its Zen Etudiant package for students in France, then, OTP Bank in Hungary with two programs and then the rest of the world followed, check examples below.

ISIC Lebanon Team is aiming to add the Mastercard profile to ISIC for students & Youth who wish to combine the world famous ISIC Card & Mastercard payment functions to bring unrivaled benefits to students. All licensed financial institutions in Lebanon are welcome to contact us concerning such financial co-branding with ISIC.

Watch the ISIC Mastercard video below.